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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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decide not to file charges against a d.c. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man on a motorcycle. we sent you a push alert on the app as soon as we got word. >> now we are hearing from d.c. mayor bouwser and the police department. >> mayor wants the d.c. police officer who shot and killed terrance sterling to step down. she says that's the only way to get real accountability. you may remember the shooting happened last september in northwest. police said sterling intentionally drove his motorcycle into an officer's cruiser. sterling was not armed at the time. tonight federal prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence to press charges in the case. mayor is calling for a disciplinary review and ordered the d.c. police department to change its policy and require officers to confirm with dispatchers thathe
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activated body cameras when responding to an incident. the officer who shot sterling did not have his camera turned on. this is video from a body camera turned on a minute after shots were fired. you can see officers tending to sterling there. we are working to talk with mayor about this in person and to get in touch with sterling's family. you can count on us to bring you the latest. >> thank you. >> now to that war of words. what is happening between president trump and his north korean counter part is setting off alarm bells from washington to world capitols. >> despite an effort to lower the volume from the nation's top diplomat. we have team coverage and will start at the white house. >> reporter: we remember those words that caught so much attention. fire and fury. that is what president trump had to say yesterday. today his team is
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that down a bit saying that was the president just sending a warning, a strong warning to north korea not a threat of a nuclear attack. in the battle of increasingly fiery rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea president trump throwing another blow on twitter touting the u.s. nuclear arsenal as stronger and more powerful than ever before adding hopefully we will never have to use it. a stark contrast to this. >> they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> reporter: the president reacting yesterday to news that north korea has a nuclear war head small enough to sffit on ta missile. >> the president is reaffirming the united states has capability to fully defend itself from any attack and defend our allies. we will do so so the american people should sleep well at nigh
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response? a threat to strike the u.s. territory of guam. the president's words seemingly at odds with his team's recent diplomatic actions. the white house says his top advisers were well aware of the tone the president intended to use. defense secretary with tough words of his own warning that north korea would lose any arms race with the u.s. how concerned should people be right now? >> i don't think we have to be concerned about a conflict with north korea that effects united states homelands. >> reporter: president trump pressuring china to check its north korean ally before it escalates into a real fight. as for north korea's threat against guam, california democrat congressman tweeted about that a few minutes ago saying he served on air force active duty in guam and he said
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options against north korea. >> thanks so much. although guam is a u.s. territory the tiny island in the western pacific is not often in the news. it is roughly the size of chicago. 160,000 people live there and they are american citizens by birth. they don't pay u.s. income tax and don't vote input a presidential elections. so why would north korea threaten such a small target for its strategic importance? the u.s. keeps an air force base, naval base and coast guard station on guam. 6,000 american troops are based there. it is protected by a defense system that can shoot down ballistic missiles. guam is well within range of north korea's medium range missiles. many families have relatives in guam as well
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we are gathering their perspective on the rising tensions tonight. chris gordon continues our team coverage. >> as americans of korean descent we are very krned about the rhetoric between the united states and north korea. the things that are being said on both sides by president trump here as well as by kim jong-un are deeply troubling. >> reporter: jessica lee from the council of korean americans says some of the members have relatives in north as well as south korea and she says another korean war is unthinkable. >> words matter. so when people talk about fire and fury and reaching guam it is deeply upsetting and troubling. >> reporter: north korean leader jong-un's missile tests are a continuing threat to the united states. now north korea says it is exploring plans to attack guam. >> if he wants to use a
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against a u.s. -- he talks about the mainland well guam is right there and we are right next door to him. this does heighten the tension in our region. >> reporter: she says she is putting her faith in the u.s. military to protect the island. >> very concerned for the safety of our people and our island. it's my home, also. i have lived there since i was 13 years old. >> reporter: asian pacific foreign policy expert says he does not think that north korea has the desire to start a nuclear war. >> as if kim jong-un had any thought of attacking the united states or any of our allies and carried that out that would be his death sentence. >> reporter: he says u.s. military policy requires nuclear reaction if there is an attack by north korea, a nuclear attack on the u.s. but tonight many people are hopeful that diplomacy can diffuse this dangerous
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outside the white house. >> thank you. we have new video to show you of a big police response at the epa building downtown. this was about 5:00 at 12th and pennsylvania avenue. federal protective service responded to a report of gun shots inside the building. our cameras were rolling as officers ran in and some employees ran out. the epa says there were no gun shots. the scene is clear. the opioid crisis is killing families. now maryland has a new plan of attack, cut off the hid of the snake by charging drug dealers with murder. indictments today in st. mary's county follow eight opioid overdose deaths, eight suspected drug dealers face charges including second degree murder and manslaughter. kristin wright is talking to two families tonight ruined by the goods those dealers
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beautiful music. such a waste. >> reporter: john darling overdosed in june leaving behind brothers, sisters, and a father whose grief is immeasurable. the suspected drug dealer is one of eight indicted in murder charges in the deaths of eight people. county leaders say going after dealers must happen now. >> for $50 they do not mind killing our children. >> reporter: i asked the state's attorney if they will try to prosecute overdose deaths from years back. >> there is no statute of limitations on homicide. >> reporter: this lady's nephew overdosed in june. >> it's killing the family. >> it's killing the families. and no one knows who these
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people are. the disregard for someone's wife is beyond measure. >> reporter: john darling says his son didn't deserve to die but his dealer deserves to be punished for taking a life. >> i am so proud of the governor and the state police for pursuing this. i know how hard it has been on me and my family. >> reporter: john carling says he wants to be in the courtroom to testify if and when his son's suspected drug dealer goes to trial for murder. kristin wright, news 4. a man accused in an upskirting case has been ordered to stay away from all metro stations. brandon williams was arrested yesterday pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor sex abuse. a woman at the metro station reported feeling a hand reach up her skirt when she was riding the elat
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my bad. police say a tipster recognized williams from surveillance video and a photo posted on delaware state university's instagram page. from the rails to skies news 4 learned the fbi is investigating the assault of a teenaged girl aboard a flight to dulles international airport. >> scott macfarlane reports it's the latest in a string of federal investigations into air borne sex assaults. >> good evening. the fbi vaeth investigators say man is in his 20s and from id and the girl accused the man of inappropriately touching her legs and trying to kiss her repeatedly. they say it happened in route from phoenix to dulles international in late july. it happened near the back of the plane in row 37. the news 4 i team investigation
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types of assaults and allegations are increasingly common on cross country air flights. at least four incidents occurred on d.c. bound flights. airport police were called in this most recent incident but this is fbi jurisdiction because it happened mid air. the charges were filed against the idaho man. he does not have a listed attorney. could not be reached so we are not naming him. this is increasing set of cases to keep an eye on. the i team is working on a half hour special to keep your kids safe in school. this sunday scott will walk viewers through his year long investigation into teacher misconduct cases. the big changes made to keep parents better informed and how to talk to your kids about this kind of abuse. slipping lightni
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a bmw with bullet holes marks end of a police chase. investigators say the car was used as a weapon when the driver ran over six french soldiers near paris today. the victims were part of special military contingent deployed to counter terror attacks. three soldiers were seriously injured. police caught up with the suspect on a highway in northern france. he was injured in a gunfight during his arrest. key figure in the trump campaign is under new scrutiny. pete williams is next as we go in depth on fbi raid of paul manafort's home. cars caked in a sticky tar-like substance. how recent rain led to an expensive problem and who is left footing the bill. and our most talked about story online. no matter what we call it or have called it in the past the capital one
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deep roots here in d.c. we will look at how the name change will impact the downtown destination. and if you are planning on eating outdoors the weather cooperating. friday scattered rain and thunderstorms in the forecast.
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a major development in the russia investigation reaches northern virginia. >> the paul manafort raid is one of the most read stories on our nbc washington app. the fbi searched his condo in alexandria late last month. the predawn raid on july 26 came a day after president trump's former campaign manager met volvo voluntarily with staff of the special intelligence committee. the search is tied to the investigation into manafort's business dealings and financial relationships. the "washington post" first reported that raid today. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is working his sources and joins us with more details. what have you learned? >> everything you said is what we have heard. what they were specifically looking at we are told were documents and bit
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about his financial transactions, his business dealings overseas especially in ukraine and cypress. so the fact that this search was the day after he testified before congress probably didn't have anything to do with the timing of it. a couple of things here to think about when we think about this search. obviously, the fact that they have been looking at paul manafort for some time is unknown. his lawyer said he didn't do anything wrong and he will cooperate fully with the fbi and robert mueller's investigation and with congressional investigators but the fact that they did a search coming in in the basically middle of the night early morning before dawn while he is still in the house tells you two things. to get a search warrant the feds have to go to a judge and say that there is probably cause to bleebf a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime will be in the location that they want to search.
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the state of belief of the investigators of what mr. manafort was up to. if he was fully cooperating with the fbi they probably would never have done this search because they would simply asked for it voluntarily. they must have believed that there was something damaging to him there and that he wouldn't voluntarily turn it over or that there was some danger that he might do something to do away with it. i should emphasize the mere fact of a search isn't evidence or proof that there was a crime. it just suggests that he has more legal trouble than we originally thought. >> certainly interesting and big development. thanks so much. >> pete has more new reporting coming up on nbc nightly news with lester holt. a new poll on the virginia governor's race shows the race is still competitive three months before ect
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democrat has six point lead. 11% of the voters polled say they are undecided at this point. the poll includes data on how virginia voters feel about their senators and about president trump. you can see those results on our app. have you heard there is a new era in d.c. say so long to verizon center, phone booth. the popular concert and sporting venue changes its name. it is now called the capital one arena. it's the third time and the third name change in two decades. what is behind it and how will it impact you? tom sherwood looks back on the path as officials make big plans for the future. >> reporter: the streets bustling with activity, bars and
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high end sites. before the sports arena not much was here. >> one of the provisions of the deal was we would have 50 police officers here for every game to make sure that the area was safe. you are bringing a lot of people in from the suburbs at that time who were used to going to the cap center. >> reporter: the arena has helped the restaurant next door be one of the busiest in its chain even with no game day. >> i live in virginia we say we have lunch in washington. took an hour to park. >> parking is a problem. hope you don't get a ticket. what do you think? >> i think it is a good idea. it doesn't matter to me what the name is, but capital one is what i bank with so i'm happy about it. >> capital one arena. >> capital one did
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what it is paying for the naming rights. it draws more than 3 million people a year. >> majored in sports management so i know the naming rights deal is always about money. >> reporter: there have been talks that the pro teams would move to the old rfk site if the redskins football team were to return to washington. council member jack evans says that is not a good idea. >> being downtown has brought so much life and 2345er7b8g thener removing this center would leave a big hole on our city. >> reporter: capital one says it will take time to get all of the verizon signs down so if you want to take a selfie you have a little time to do that. in downtown washington, tom sherwood, news 4. >> will take time to get used to the name change. they were in the process of buying their dream home but turned into a million dollar nightmare. how hackers
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family and what you can do to keep it from happening to you. this scene flames fled by natural gas in silver spring. almost one year later
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now to weather, picture perfect day out there. how long will it last? amelia is locking
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next chance of rain. >> another beautiful day in store for tomorrow. as we look to the end of the work week some showers and thunderstorms are possible on friday but not a washout. take a look at current temperatures in the 80s. highs today generally mid 80s. 82 in washington as well as -- 80 degrees in camp springs. we start off the day comfortable once again. it is pleasant tomorrow morning. 69 degrees at 7:00 a.m. with plenty of sunshine we warm up quickly. 82 degrees by noon. high tomorrow of 86. pretty much a repeat performance of today. a little more humid and tomorrow night nice. 81 degrees at 7:00 in the evening. perfect day to take kids to the playground. cool day looking great. have your lunch outside. maybe not the best day to go back to school shopping. the weather just too nice to not get out there and en
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beautiful day today. laura went out to nats park. what are you doing? you are eating a hot dog and talking to a kid and checking out the baseball stadiums. >> enjoying everybody coming in the rush to come in. take a look behind me. people are just coming in right now. third baseman had a 50% fly ball rate against lefties. hopefully -- could be running around all those bases tonight if he gets ahead of the right pace. another thing we are talking about for tomorrow big ten night here. tomorrow we have redskins game, preseason. this is the man to talk to. this is tim. are we going to win tomorrow? >> yeah. 15-0. >> i like that. the ravens don't have anybody. >> nobody over there. >> battle
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tomorrow starting at 7:30. going to be a great night for the viewing game. >> lauren, thanks so much. looking great for that game tomorrow night. will be on our air. speaking of tomorrow take a look at your humidity levels. they come up a little bit tomorrow. still closer to comfortable than oppressive. feeling humid. as we look towards the end of the work week. muggy on friday. aside from that the weather is improving for the weekend. earlier this week it looked like probably a pretty good chance of rain and storms. take a look at your ten day forecast. 50% chance of scattered rain and storms. isolated shower otherwise partly cloudy. >> thanks. deadly flames race through an apartment building nearly one year ago. tonight we have a look back at lessons
6:28 pm
disaster in silver spring and the questions still unanswered. >> reporter: a lot of commuters driving yesterday ended up with this, a slurry sealant stuck to their vehicles. we are working for you talking
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at the live desk. another escalation in the war of words between the u.s. and north korea. north korea is responding to president trump's threat to unleash fire and fury. north korea's military says the president's threat was a quote load of nonsense and it says only absolute force can work on president trump. moments ago north korea said it will complete plans to attack the waters near guam by the middle of this month. the country will then wait for orders from kim jong-un. we wilt continl continue to fol updates and bring you developments. v dot is promising to make things right for dozens of drivers whose vehicles got splattered with a tar-like gunk. >> looks awful. happened during morning commute yesterday on a stretch of road. that is where julie carey is live with answers on why it happened and what drivers can do
6:32 pm
about it. >> well, these pieces of asphalt that i just picked up are rock solid. yesterday morning when a special sealant was sprayed on the road it didn't dry before the rain started to fall and it turned into tar slush. dozens of drivers face a big mess and v dot contractor faces a big cleanup job. >> i really don't know what happened, but it's not pretty. >> reporter: matt goldman's bright white pickup truck is not a pretty sight. it happened tuesday morning as he drove along the road. rain was coming down, dark sprays splashing up. >> that is when i started to try to move away from other people. i thought it was dirt until i got to the car wash yesterday. >> reporter: the black stuff didn't wash off. he called v dot. so did at least 100 other
6:33 pm
on the website they will get back to you in like 72 hours. >> reporter: we talked about what went wrong. a spokes woman says the overnight paving contractor had just put down a sealant that contains liquid asphalt but it didn't cure in time before the rain came. v dot promises to arrange cleaning. we check in with an expert to find out how to deal with smaller cases. he recommends wax and grease remover. >> it melts the tar off the car and it beats scraping or buffing or any of those things. >> reporter: we took some back to matt goldman. he is hopeful. >> i am worried about the film. so if you use some type of cleaner, is the white going to be as white as it was before? >> reporter: going to have to get some of
6:34 pm
have been damaged should phone the call center or go on the website. you can find both of those on the app. just search on the war tar. >> thank you. some nights when you are tired and hungry you feel like you would pay anything to get home in time for dinner. eventually you will be able to do that in northern virginia. we told you about the story yesterday. today crews broke ground on a new express set of toll lanes. the project covers eight miles from the d.c. line. the toll will change depending on volume. construction is expected to take about two years. in prince george's a new effort to keep people safe and help curb crime. police moved a 12-hour shifts after a rash of violence last month. 12 murders in the first 12 days of july. since that 12-hour shifting bega
6:35 pm
murders in the areas patrolled by county officers. tracee wilkins takes a closer look at the schedule and how people in the community feel about it. >> the word on the street was don't go to suitland. all the criminals knew don't come over here. if you come here with mess you are going to jail. >> more prince george's police officers on the streets in cities where double murder in july produced the ninth and tenth homicide of last month. >> we have to help these young people. >> reporter: community activist says the violence perpetuated in cities like hers in prince george's has a common theme. >> you have a lot of young people who don't have a purpose. they don't have a job. so the only thing that they can do this time around is sell drugs and so on and so forth. >> prince george's police spokesperson says increased police presence made a
6:36 pm
this time last year. >> take ten days and look at ten days of 12-hour shifts. we can point to a 20% drop in violent crime. we can point ta90 guns being taken off the streets. >> she says the point was to stabilize the violence. >> whoever came up with the idea it was a great idea because it definitely worked. but that's temporary. >> she says if the county wants to go beyond stabilizing crime more has to be done. >> we will keep having until somebody in this county do something to help these young people. >> reporter: chief says he will not publically say what the 12 hour shifts for officers is coming to an end. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> you will hear this story, hackers target a local family. how it happened, what you can learn from their mistake. >> watch out silicon valley. our region ranks among the best in the country for
6:37 pm
up next how
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it could happen to anyone buying or refinancing their house. sophisticated computer hacking scheme cost a d.c. couple more than a million dollars when they set out to buy their dream home. mark segraves is working for you to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you. >> reporter: they knew they could never afford this home on government salaries but an inheritance made it possible for their young family. computer hackers nearly took their dream home away. >> it's a pretty big scam. >> reporter: a mortgage banker says hackers aren't just targeting home buyers. they are doing the same thing to mortgage kaechs
6:40 pm
>> what the predators will do is basically jump into an e-mail chain and it will look like it is coming from the realtor or title company and a couple days before closing will say we need to have the money wired to another account. >> as wamu radio was first to report that is what happened to the couple buying this home. they got this e-mail which appeared to be from the title company and he wired $1.5 million to the bank. >> every reason to believe it was legitimate. >> the couple are now suing the title company. >> i imagine this is one of the worst things that has happened to them. to have a massive amount of inheritance money stolen like that, these are not rich people. >> reporter: in a written statement a spokesperson tells news 4 federal title continues to work with the fbi as they complete their investigation. the internal review has revealed that no other customers were effected by the attack. he
6:41 pm
themselves. first, never wire money based on an e-mail even from a trusted source. and always double check. >> we always recommend that they pick up the phone, not using a phone number in the e-mail, but verify it online through their website to make sure that they have the accurate title company information and call to verify. >> mark segraves, news 4. if it's time for a career change you live in the right place. washington, d.c. is one of the best cities for people looking for jobs in the tech industry. relocation company cap created the list by comparing job postings on linked in. seattle has the most available tech jobs followed by san francisco. washington, d.c. comes in third with 40,000 tech job openings. baltimore and toronto round out the top five. we are digging for reasons our part of the country is a high tech hub. most obvious is our
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the federal government. it is easier to get contracts when you are close to those who hold purse strings. we have several top schools training. yelp said it is opening an office in d.c. because of the area's diverse talent pool and location near other east coast cities. still ahead, homes devoured by flames killing seven people in silver spring. now almost one year later a look at the changes made as a district result of the tragedy. othing will n
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6:44 pm
we have an update on breaking news story we
6:45 pm
about. this is a live picture as we await reaction. she is expected to respond to news that a d.c. police officer will not face charges after shooting and killing an unarmed black man on a motorcycle. the officer who has not been identified shot terrance sterling after a high speed chase that ended with the 31 year old revving his motorcycle into the police cruiser's door. the shooting led to protests and attracted national attention from activisted concerned about police brutality. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates. >> tomorrow marks one year since that massive explosion and fire in silver spring. chopper 4 was first after neighbors awoke to a deafening blast inside a utility room just before midnight on august 10. victims jumped from balconies to
6:46 pm
gas. seven people including two children died and two buildings were reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble. we are still waiting for a federal report to explain exactly what led to this tragedy. in the meantime montgomery county spent the last year examining where it fell short in the fire's after math. >> aaron gilchrist anchored the coverage from the scene that day. he found out what the county is doing with the lesson it learned. >> nothing will ever take away the trauma the community went through and what the families have gone through. >> we were there with montgomery county councilman in the hours after the fire. >> this was a deep boom unlike anything you hear outside of an air show. >> reporter: he spent the last year listening to current and former residents learning about deficiencies they felt long went undetected or ignored. their trauma helped
6:47 pm
county council to pass a bill that added inspectors to the housing department. >> guarantees they will have to be much more focussed on tenants and the public and council will keep an eye on them better. >> the auditor examined the response to the flower branch disaster. this report outlined shortcomings and made 14 recommendations. one of the biggest revolved around communicating. >> some people were waiting because they didn't know what to do. >> we talked with director of emergency management and crisis chief and they admitted that in a largely spanish speaking community getting translators on the ground was a big challenge. >> we had to get them out to the program so it was a delay. >> says the county has invested in developing new plans to manage volunteers and donations to run shelters and reunite families. >> we need
6:48 pm
system to identify the needs and collect them and start rolling out resources fast. >> this fence is a constant reminder of the tragedy that happened here. there are lots of questions about what will go on the other side of the fence and is the rest of the community safe. >> we knew there was a natural gas problem. washington gas told me it put down a new gas main and new service lines to the buildings still standing. councilman got the gas company to inspect all remaining apartments. >> those are good reforms that have come out of this. time will tell whether it is all we need to do. it's a step in the right direction. >> the land where homes were devoured by flames sits empty. the owners say they plan to rebuild here. in silver spring, aaron gilchrist, news 4. now, the owners of the flower branch complex also plan to build some type of
6:49 pm
for the people who died in last year's fire. to read more about their plans and montgomery county's report on the fire just search flower branch in our nbc washington app. back to breaking news. d.c.'s mayor reacting to police-involved shooting that happened last year. she is on the scene. go to our app to follow what is going on out there right now. this police officer will not be charged for shooting and killing an unarmed black man. we will push you updates on our app. >> we will have much more at 11:00 tonight. and amelia joins us now with a check on our forecast. >> before we talk about the beautiful weather we are having tonight i want to give you an update. noaa came up with updated outlook for hurricanes in the atlantic basin this year saying we now have a 60% chance of an above normal season before they were saying about a 45% chance of above normal season. i know there is a lot of
6:50 pm
wording. already talked about the 60% chance of above normal season. why? they are saying due in part to warmer waters, the air and wind pattern and today franklin was the first hurricane in the atlantic so far this season. we are talking five to nine hurricanes and the potential for two to five major hurricanes that would be category three hurricane or higher. before they were saying about two to four. their outlook has nothing to do with hurricanes that make landfall. we could have ten hurricanes or 20 hurricanes and maybe all of them or none of them impact the land. so that's the latest there. currently temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. 82 in washington. tomorrow a high of 86. just a few clouds around tomorrow afternoon. low humidity in the forecast once again. friday there is the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms around especially back around the i-81 corridor and back into parts of fredrick county. there is th
6:51 pm
thunderstorms in the d.c. metro area. 40 to 50% chance there. that is coming down from earlier in the week. friday was looking like for sure with rain and thunderstorms. high temperature only around 80 degrees. more clouds than sunshine on friday. as we look to the weekend i continue to track improvements. it is humid both days. mid 80s for a high. feeling sticky on saturday and sunday. maybe an isolated shower on saturday but for most of us it is dry and partly sunny. and then for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> from camp to vacation and back at work. what a time you had. >> i'm back for the preseason. >> time for football. >> are you ready for preseason? >> are you passion td about preseason football? >> i wouldn't say passionate but i'm curious. >> we will first glance at the team. kirk cousins starter in the league for two full seasons yet he is passionate about the preseason. not all established starters feel this way. for some the preseason is more of hassle than help. after two hot weeks in richmond the quarterback and his crew welcome the chance to measure up against someone else. the defense in practice
6:55 pm
not so tomorrow night. the game in baltimore may not count but the hits can still hurt and cousins says bring it on. >> i want it to be 100 miles per hour because i want to feel suggs coming off the edge and get ready for what it will feel like in a real game. i dropped back and three man rush and nobody is open because they are dropping eight players. i try to scramble. the play was over and i'm like come chase me. i want to make this play happen. didn't really get a great simulation of it because it is practice and not the real thing. that is where preseason games have value. >> they have value. how long will the starters play? that is anyone's guess. check it out kick off at 7:30 tomorrow night. right after the game is the primetime premiere of saturday night live's weekend update followed by news 4 at 11:00. a big night of couch sitting. nationals are in the dog
6:56 pm
days of regular season hoping to get big dogs healthy and back to work. jayson werth faced strasburg in three simulated innings. strasburg had his stuff worki i werth says his bone is healed. that is ace spot for the birds. showing manager how it is done. the guy they call beef sending this just over the fence in right center. orioles take a 1-0 lead. kiven gausman ran out of luck today. this is cj absolutely crushing this ball to left. that is a two-run shot. angels take a lead and win 5-1 the final. in college park pretty cool event. maryland women's basketball team
6:57 pm
world university games. they are only the second team in women's college basketball in the u.s. to ever be selected to participate. the whole team was selected. maryland opens play against aganda on august 21. >> this opportunity is a huge blessing. we get to represent our country and our university and then on top of that like we are going over as a team. >> i can't think of a better group i would want to go over with when you talk about how many sacrifices this team has made, the work that they have put in to be prepared. i know they are going in with the utmost confidence. they understand it is bigger than them and this is the right team to go over with that understands that responsibility. >> she is a great coach. i am trying to figure out how long the flight is. >> they will be in there a long time. less team building right there. >> if you want to
6:58 pm
tomorrow where can they look? >> i think it is right here on news 4. >> we got it. >> i'm excited. >> that'soing to g
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
xxxx. tonight, nuclear war of words. new details behind president trump's fire and fury threat. now the defense secretary puts north korea on notice as nbc news learns some of the options being prepared for the president. fbi raid. a surprise predawn search at the home of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. whathe feds were looking for. a mother's loss. the mayor of nashville opens up about the death of her son from an overdose just 11 days ago. sharing their final messages and her message for every mom and dad. sounding the alarm after far too many tragedies, kids being forgotten in the back seat s locked in hot cars. tonight, life saving new technology. and pickupy love connection.


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